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Author(s) : Xavier Georges

Artist(s) : Gael Lannurien

45 minuts

1 - 5 players

From 10 years


2212. Ginkgo Biloba, the oldest and strongest tree in the world, has become the symbol of a new method for building cities in symbiosis with nature. Humans have exhausted the resources that the Earth offered them, and humanity must now develop cities that maintain a delicate balance between resource production and consumption. However, habitable space is scarce, and mankind must now face the challenge of building ever upwards. To develop this new type of city, you will gather a team of experts around you, and try to become the best urban planner for Ginkgopolis.


The game

Ginkgopolis is a game with very simple rules but fiendishly original. Departure city consists of 9 tiles (numbered 1 to 3, in 3 colors) and 12 Urbanization tokens (A to L).
Ville de départPlayers have 4 cards represent one of the 9 building tiles or one of the 12 urbanization tokens. Simultaneously, each player must choose one card that can play alone or with a building tile. Players resolve their action and after, they draft their cards with their left neighbor.
When the player plays a single card, it operates one of the buildings in the city to earn resources, building new tiles or points of success, ultimate goal of the game.
If a player plays a card with a building tile, he participated in the construction of the city by adding this tile at the place designated by the card he played. When the card is a building card, he constructed in height putting his tile on a tile or more: the city takes height and buildings are becoming increasingly large and profitable. If the card is an urbanization card, a new building out of the ground and the size of the city increases. In this way, players build a city very different in each game.
Participating in the construction of the city, players earn cards that will provide power to the rest of the game. He must choose the best places to win the cards more faithful to their strategy! Not to mention they are also trying to become the majority in the neighborhoods of the city!
You too can participate in this adventure and live pationnante parts each time very intense!



Box content

60 Building tiles
100 cards
125 wooden resources
10 New Hand tokens
12 Urbanization tokens
5 screens
tokens for success points
15 Construction Site pawns
1 rulebook

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