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Essen is coming!

Essen 2016 is coming! The opportunity for you to discover the first extension of Deus: Deus Egypt. In the absence of Pearl Games booth this year, it will be playable on the stand of Asmodee (Hall 1 Booth F103) and sold in 3 languages ​​(FR-ENG-GER) to Asmodee store (Hall 1 Booth F122 - the base game will be available in FR). If we find a free table, you will also get a glimpse of our future games in development...

The page dedicated to Deus Egypt is also online on our website with links to download the rules in FR or ENG.

The rules of Deus are online

The rules of Deus is online! 
You can click here to access it directly. 
The game will be presented at the fair in Essen, from 16 to 19 October 2014. 


Essen 2013


ESSEN 2013: Preorder our new games !

Pearl Games present two new games at Essen 2013 (from 24 to 27 October) : Bruxelles 1893 et Ginkgopolis - The Experts, an expansion for Ginkgopolis.

These two new products will be available at our booth 1C-136 but you can pre-order today!

The preorders are closed. Thank you!


Pre-orders for Essen 2012

Pearl Games present two new games at Essen 2012 (from 18 to 21 October) : Ginkgopolis and the Ladies of Troyes, an expansion for Troyes. You can find more information about these two games through this site.

These two new products will be available at our booth 4-319 but you can pre-order today.
The benefits offer by pre-order are simple:
- your game will be reserve throughout the show and you're sure to enjoy it, whatever the day of your visit,
- you're sure to leave with our now famous cotton bag,
- we offer Ginkgopolis + Ladies Troyes at 55 € instead of 58 € on the show.
How do you do?
1 - Choose below the right option (game + language) and click on the Paypal button
2 - You will be redirected throught a Paypal account
3 - Pay for your game and print out your receipt
4 - Come find your game on our booth 4-319 in Essen, taking care to present your receipt. Note that no delivery is possible.
Pre-orders will be available until October 16 within the limits of available stocks. Sure to select the language of your game!

A new website, finally!

Hi all,

The time has finally come to put online the new website of Pearl Games!
In addition to being much prettier, I will update it more easily. You'll find the record of each game where different resources are at your disposal (rules, bonuses, various links,...). It will also be easier to contact me for all your requests for customer service, your rules questions, your propositions of new game....
I hope you enjoy it as much as me and do not hesitate to send me your suggestions for improvements!

Essen 2011: Preorder for Tournay !

Tournay, the next game of Pearl Games, will be presented exclusively at the show in Essen (from 20 to 23 October 2011).

The game will be on sale at our booth 4-319 at a price of € 28 (instead of € 30) within the limits of available stock. The game will be a multilingual version French-German-English.

You can pre-order Tournay and cotton bag for a price of € 26. You can also take advantage of the limited supply Tournay + Troyes +cotton bag for € 55. The games must imperatively be removed at our stand, no shipping is possible. Pre-orders will be closed October 16.



Tournay: discover the rules and player aid

The rules of play and help the next set of Pearl Games are posted on the page of the game. To learn more about the game:

- The video "Comment ca marche" on,

- The game page on

The bonus cards for download!

Here are 4 bonus cards offered by the house for the second printing of Troyes and the Cannes Festival 2011. Troyes boxes should arrive very soon in your shop!

Have fun!

Download french version

Download english version

The rules of the second edition are online!

Thanks to your feedback, we've slightly reworked the rules of Troyes for the second edition to come. I reassure the owners of the first version, the changes are merely clarifications of rules that do not alter the substance. We also rework the German version of the rules.

Download french version

Download english version

Download german version


Essen 2010 !

It's nothing to say in Essen 2010 will remain in our memories!

We do not expect such a success! We wholeheartedly thank the players who trusted us and everyone who helped us get there.

Instead of long speeches, here are 2 articles that describe this brilliantly Essen 2010 and Pearl Adventure Games, in french:

Essen 2010 and Pearl Games.