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Deus Egypt

Deus Egypt

Author(s) : Sébastien Dujardin

Artist(s) : Christine Deschamps, Misda - Graphic Design : Ian Parovel

60 - 90 minuts

2 - 4 players

From 14 years


You are now the leader of a wondrous ancient civilization: Egypt. Can you contribute to the growth of your dynasty so its influence extends throughout new uncharted territories?

The game

Deus Egypt is an expansion for Deus and the base game is required to play.

Deus Egypt, the first expansion for Deus, contains 96 Building cards (16 of each color), which can replace some or all the cards from the base game. For each color, simply choose whether to use the cards from the base game or the cards from this expansion. For each group of 16 cards, there is a new set of rules and strategies.

Deus Egypt brings new depth to the game, without lengthening it.


Box content

• 96 Building cards (16 maritime buildings, 16 production buildings,
16 scientific buildings, 16 civil buildings, 16 military units and 16
• 1 Market tile.
• 4 Scribe tokens, 1 in each player color.
• 20 Combat tokens, 5 in each player color.
• 24 Barque tiles of sizes 1 (×7), 2 (×8), and 3 (×9).

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