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Bloody Inn

Bloody Inn

Author(s) : Nicolas Robert

Artist(s) : Weberson Santiago

45 to 60 minuts

1 to 4 players

From 14 years


France 1831: In a remote corner of Ardèche, the little village of Peyrebeille sees numerous travelers pass through. A family of greedy rural farmers is determined to make its fortune and has devised a diabolical stratagem to achieve this goal: Invest in an inn so they can rob traveling guests, allowing them to get rich without arousing the suspicions of the police! Whether or not their plan will work out, one thing is certain: Not every guest will leave this inn alive….

The game

In The Bloody Inn, you are one of the competitive innkeepers, bent on amassing the most wealth. Unfortunately, your morals hinder you from robbing your guests… at least while they're alive. Fortunately, your scruples have no qualms with murder. Of course, you can't just have dead bodies piled everywhere: It's bad for business, and besides, what if the police drop by for a visit? It's all so much work! Perhaps you could employ some of the guests as accomplices? Everyone has a price, after all!

Box content

• 78 Guest cards (70 travelers and 8 peasants)
• 4 Player aid cards
• An Inn gameboard
• 1 First Player card
• 30 10F (10-franc) Check tiles
• 32 Key / Room Service tokens in the four player colors
• 4 white Key tokens
• 4 wooden discs in the four player colors
• 1 rulebook

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